How many times a day do you just “Google it”? If you’re reading this right now, chances are you found this via Google. Yet while you may have stumbled upon this article fairly quickly, perhaps not every search quest ends in 5 seconds.

That’s why having access to Google search shortcuts (like the ones below) could save you hours of searching. So, without further ado, here they are…

Google Search Term Searches…
allintext: (return pages with all words specified in body text) allintext: united states
allintitle: (search for keywords in page title) allintitle: “diesel” jeans
apple OR fruit either the word apple or the word fruit
blue like jazz the exact phrase blue like jazz
bphonebook: (find business phone numbers) bphonebook: Apple CA
book (search book text) book The Bible
cache: (view cached page) cache:
convert one in another 7 pounds in ounces
daterange: (search within a specific date range) uganda daterange: 200103-200105
define: amalgam definitions of the word amalgam
eeny meeny * miny the words eeny meeny miny separated by one or more wordsg
filetype: (restrict search to specific filetype) marketing filetype: pdf
founder growth the words founder and growth
info: (find info about a page) info:
intext: (search for keyword in body text) intext: angel
inurl: (restrict search to page URLs) inurl: mac
link: (find linked pages) link:
movie: (search for showtimes) movie: star wars 73034
pen refill the word pen but NOT the word refill
phonebook: (find a phone number) phonebook: New York, NY
rphonebook: (find residential phone numbers) rphonebook: Jane Doe Boston MA
related: (related pages) related:
safesearch: (exclude adult content) safesearch: dick’s sporting goods
site: (search only one website) site: “pro blogger”
site: country code (restrict search to country) site: .uk “london”
site: .gov (specific domain search) site: .edu  //  site: .gov  //  site: .org  //  …
Star Wars +3 movie title including the number 3
stocks: (get a stock quote) stocks: CSCO
weather: (get local weather) weather: 73034
+ add (e.g. 789+456)
subtract (e.g. 789-456)
* multiply (e.g. 789×456)
/ divide (e.g. 789/456)
^ raise to a power (e.g. 10^7; ten to the seventh power)
% of percentage (e.g. 33% of 500)
~pilot looks up the word pilot and synonyms
#…# (search within a number range) mamaroo $100…$200

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