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It's time to prove your worth.

Are you a CEO, coach or consultant who wants to buy back your time? Start with my free guide, Raise Your Rate, so you can start making more without pricing yourself out of the market. The average person makes 85% more for the year!

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Life's too short to live beneath your worth.

There’s a ceiling to how much money you can make, right? For most business owners, the answer is Yes. Because you don’t want to price yourself out of the market. So you’re satisfied with staying right where you are. That means you’re still dealing with occasional anxiety, unable to really break through. And maybe you’re putting on a good face, but you’re stressed. Your family can feel it too. 

Here’s the truth: You are worth more than you think. You don’t even have to believe it about yourself. It’s okay. I’ll believe it for you. Get my free guide, Raise Your Rate, so you can start making more and start believing you’re worth it again.

Ryan Laughlin

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You are a leader.

Leaders invest in people before people invest in their vision. Because every great venture starts with who, not why. Yet we’re also maxed out on time and energy. The problem is… What happens when there’s not enough of you to go around?

I want to put your mind at ease. Because when I put into practice the 3 simple steps in Raise Your Rate, my revenues shot up over 400% in one year! And the best part? I got my time back. Imagine even a modest increase in your income. It could mean the difference between staying stuck or thriving. I can teach you.

Get paid more and take back control of your life with Raise Your Rate.

Avoid bad clients

Ditch bad clients — and work with whoever you want — when you Raise Your Rate.

Save wasted time

Raise Your Rate even once and enjoy not wasting time on work that doesn't pay well.

Grow your respect

Impress those around you when they see your business and good reputation growing even more.

Eliminate the imposter.

It’s fun to joke about that nagging Impostor Syndrome, except when it’s not fun anymore. Not when that inner imposter is keeping you from living the life you’re worth.

Imagine what it’ll be like when you can eliminate your inner imposter for good.

How it works

1. Measure your value

2. Deliver value for free

3. Convert with contrast

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