First, I have to warn you… DO NOT read this if you want to continue posting on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the same frequency you’re used to.

Why? Because I can guarantee your thinking will be challenged—your approach to posting on social media—will change dramatically after reading what I’m about to share with you.

It first started 9 years ago when my wife and I got back from our incredible honeymoon to Maui, Hawaii.

We’d taken hundreds of amazing pictures…

Snorkeling among spectacular sea creatures.

Enjoying an island sunset… from a yacht.

Dining (twice) at the world #3 sushi restaurant.

Truth be told, I hated sushi until I tried Sansei that night in Kapalua. It completely transformed me from a won’t-touch-it-with-a-ten-foot-pole guy to “WOW, we have to do this again!” Yes, it was that good.

And all that excitement my wife and I shared during our Maui experience, well, we wanted to share that same excitement with other people too… people we loved—our family and friends we were sure would want to share in that same excitement.

So we made the decision to do it…

We hit “Share”.

We shared our best photos from the honeymoon. We included pics from all 9 days we were there. And we couldn’t wait for everyone to celebrate with us!

After all, I’d never been to Hawaii. My family, friends, and anyone who knew me well knew this.

Yet a day after we’d posted our photos to Facebook… crickets.

After a week… nada.

After a month, we’d collected just a handful of “likes”.

And that was the moment when I asked myself, “Why?”

Why didn’t the people we’d cared about the most not care to even like our photos?

We knew they liked us. I mean, yes, we questioned that also. But after going through a quick recount of all the ways we knew they liked us—loved us—we realized it had to be something else…

That’s when it hit me… They didn’t like our photos because they increased my status.

When the realization hit me, I felt awful. Because I would never want to make someone feel like I’m trying to make myself look good in their eyes. Because that would mean I’m trying to prop myself up above them.

For anyone who knows me, that’s just not who I am or ever have been.

Yet that didn’t stop them from instinctively disregarding my post as worth nothing more than a political rant from a madman.

Maybe you can relate…

If you’ve been on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace 🙂 for any length of time, like most people you probably find some value in connecting with friends and family digitally.

Yet before you hit that “Share” or “Tweet” button next time, consider asking yourself this one question:

Will this increase my status?

When I started asking myself this question several years ago, it basically destroyed my effort to post on social media.

Unless I am intentionally sharing incredible value with people, I’m just not going to post.

So, I’m curious… Which types of posts do you think WON’T increase your status?

Find me on Facebook and share a comment there (or below)!

I’d love to know. 🙂

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